Our Services

L4Life provides a range of services to support the individual needs of pre-school and primary school children with ASD and their families.

Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (ABA) – our Full Service Model

Families already dealing with the challenges of a special needs child can find organising an ABA program overwhelming. L4Life’s Full Service Model relieves families of this burden by taking care of everything involved in establishing and running a child’s ABA program.

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Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (ABA) – our Consultancy Model

For families who prefer to recruit and organise their own therapist team, but want L4Life’s expertise to design and supervise their child’s ABA program, L4Life offers the Consultancy Model.

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School Behavioural Support Program (SBSP)

The SBSP supports children with ASD, their families and schools in integrating the children into their academic environments as successfully as possible.

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The Secret Agent Society Social Skills Program

This revolutionary social skills program is designed to improve the emotional understanding and social skills of 8-12 year olds with high-functioning ASD. Developed by the Queensland-based Social Skills Training Institute and gaining popularity worldwide, the Secret Agent Society (SAS) teaches these children crucial skills.

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Autism Psychological Support Services

Children with ASD and their families have multiple needs. These can include the need for psychological reinforcement. L4Life’s Psychologist, Sarah Wood (B.A., P.G. Dip. Psych, M.Ed.Psych, M.A.P.S.), provides that support.

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