Our History

In our ten-plus years of history, we have made significant gains towards improving the lives of children with ASD and the quality of life for their families.

These include:

  • growing from a staff of five therapists delivering intensive, early intervention ABA-based therapy programs to just three children in 2004 to a staff of 36 therapists delivering these programs (our Full-Service model and Consultancy Model) to 30+ children annually in Melbourne and into rural Victoria.
  • raising over $1.55 million in funding that has delivered over 36,000 hours of early intervention ABA-based therapy to children with ASD who would not have received it otherwise.
  • graduating 52 children, significantly helping them to reach their full potential.
  • improving the quality of life for their families by helping their child, and by providing them with ABA training and emotional support.
  • developing a School Behavioural Support Program that provides in-school support for children with ASD across 19 Melbourne schools.
  • developing two social skills programs: the Secret Agent Society Social Skills program to improve the emotional understanding and social skills for children aged 8-12 years old, and our Ready, Set, Go Kinder Readiness program for preschool children.
  • collecting assessment test results and sessional data for 40+ children who have graduated from our Full-Service model.
  • establishing a University Placement Program for aspiring therapists through Deakin University.
  • training over 160 emerging therapists in ABA therapy delivery.

Since our 2004 beginning, all children, families and therapists at L4Life have received consulting support from the US-based Lovaas Institute, a globally recognised, pioneering organisation in ABA research and therapy delivery.

Our many milestones are presented below.

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